Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Our Software is a revolutionary MASS engagement & sales tool that allows us to automate your FB marketing for you.

What You Can Expect From Our Bot Marketing Agency

Our services are made so that your business grows fast, without investing thousands of dollars.

Ecommerce Bots

Selling eCommerce products is hot and if you understand how to automate the whole process you can win big time.

Local Marketing Bots

Promoting a local business can require a lot of time and effort let us do it for you so you can concentrate on you.

Customer Support Bots

Automating your customer service is the key to growing your business and we have the solution you need.

Lead Madnet Bots

Let your bot work for you and deliver industry specific leads straight to you everyday on demand non stop.

Advertising Bots

Get in front of your audition fast with our optimized ad services. You only pay pennies for your tailored ads.

Brand Building Bots

Growing your audience and followers is important if you are trying to build   authority and acquire new clients.

How We Do It

Without using chatbots for full business automations, getting traffic and getting it to convert for you is harder than a woodpecker’s lips. You basically are not able to be there 24/7, 365 days a year… and without having the best availability possible, you’re wasting traffic and money.

We discuss with you what you’ve done so far in terms of promoting your business on the internet and what steps need to be taken to automate most of your routines.

After we know more details regarding your business, we start to create a custom automated chatbot strategy for your business, you give your leads and customers what they want, when they want it. You save time and money on both your support AND sales flows… And so much more.

We Know How To
Generate More Sales

This is NOT some flash-in-the-pan gimmick that’s here today, gone tomorrow…. You do it with advanced technology PROVEN to qualify and convert more traffic into leads, customers and profits. Quite simply, with us in your arsenal… You are there 24/7… 365 days a year… without really being there!

Listens To What These Industry leaders Say About Chat Bots

The best way to optimize current (and new) marketing channels to increase reach, boost conversions, & maximizing profits.

“Bots are the new apps, It’s technology that’s inevitable”, said Satya Nadella during a nearly three-hour keynote sketching his vision for the way humans will interact with machines in the years to come.

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft

“Chat apps are the new browsers and automated bots are the new websites. It’s immediately accessible and you can start chatting with it by scanning a code or tapping a link. With one tap, you give it permission to access your account.”

Ted Livingston


Why You Need To Invest In Chat Bots

A new & easy way to implement bots in your marketing, sales & support.


More Clients

You will get more clients in a matter of weeks just having automation.



People will see you activly responding, posting, and offering support & that brings credibility and authority.


More Orders

More clients means more orders for your business. This will increase your profits.

More Leads

Your main audience is already using Messenger and your business should be a part of that dialog that is happening.

Can Chatbots help the average marketer IGNITE conversions & sales?

Short and simple, YES! By now, you have a really clear picture of what chatbots are capable of doing for you and your business. Plus you know it really doesn’t matter if you own a small, medium or a BIG company. IF you’re an online marketer (or IF you’re just starting out with online) … Chatbots simply help you tell the story of your business. Helping you boost your conversions & sales!

It’s time to leave to the old traditional way of doing things, because there’s a new way to do business.


We Can Also
Integrate Ecom

Our e-commerce chatbots integrate seamlessly into your existing back-end website for order processing, marketing and customer service. There is one big problem with every online store – it’s static. It’s like a brick-and-mortar store with no salespersons in it.

E-commerce chatbots help to set it live and get more sales and happier customers..

There’s a new way to get your message
heard, “Conversational Marketing”

See, it’s not about interrupting people anymore – it’s about talking with them! Turn your business into an experience. Provide a conversation, make it right for each individual, and fully automate it to deliver at scale. Answer the exact questions your consumers have and provide the information they want, when they want it. Cater to their *on-demand* needs. And do it all automatically. Basically, be there 24/7 without really being there by having your chatbot talk to them as if they are the only person in the world.

Our Prices Start From $249
For Us To Manage Your Bots




Panel Access for 1 Bot
Up To 5,000 Contacts




Deploy & Manage 10 Bots
50,000 Contacts Per Bot




Complete Design, Set Up,
& Deployment for 1 Bot

Need more then 10 bots? Send us a message if you need a custom plan. We can build something to fit your needs.



Why use bots for ecommerce?

E-commerce chatbots help you get more sales and happier customers. You can talk to your store visitors, engage with your customers, help them find what they need and overall increase customer satisfaction. According to a recent Facebook study, 83% of customers are more likely to buy from a business they can message, & chatbots automate these conversations.


Why would I need more bots?

Think of bots as employee’s, each one that has a job to do. One may handle support calls and customer service while another handles sales. Also if you have multiple websites or Facebook Fanpages you will want bots to deliver and experience catered to that site or page.


Is there a long term contract?

No you are on a month to month service. We do however offer extended services for people that that enter a 12 month agreement that inclued Fanpage setup, Facebook Ads, Local Seo, and complete re-branding services.


Do I need to know programming?

Not at all! We handle everything for you from structuring the basic functionality to mapping out the necessary steps your bot need to accomplish. We handle everything so you can focus on what’s important, your business.


Why should I choose you?

First of all, we provide great  bot design, and can help you put new life into our business. We’ve put a lot of experience and passion into developing our bots, which makes us confident that we’ve managed to build something extra special. Even more we’re constantly listening to our customers and add new features. If you need anything that we don’t have yet  just let us know! And last but not least we love chatbots, and we love our customers!


How long does it take to set up?

We can typically onboard new users in 48 hours depending on your needs. We will do an intake form outlining your bot needs and and the functionality you need it to have.

Your Business Will Sell More

As soon as you start to work with us, your business will generate more visitors and more sales. You will realize a ense of relief not having to complete the day to day routines that our bots will do for you. We are serious about taking your business to the next level. Contact us for more details.

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